Investment Thesis
Investment Model
Current Focus Areas

Greyland Fireworks Corporation conducts advanced research and development, launching startups based on new science and engineering innovations to build toward progressive ideals.

Greyland Fireworks is founded on a vision of a positive future where people and businesses strive in harmony with each other and the natural world. This is a vision that we seek to make real in our own time, through an ongoing exploration of ethics and balance, driven by curiosity.

The keystone of our business philosophy is a dedication to social and ethical progress. Social responsibility and environmental stewardship are prioritized neither ahead of nor behind profit in every project we undertake. Striving toward harmonious balance within our individual selves, our relationships with each other, and our relationship with all that surrounds us is critical to the long-term success of any venture.

Greyland Fireworks Corporation seeks to work closely with a variety of progressive businesses and non-profit organizations, encourage personal growth and aspirations of excellence in all of our employees and partners, and deliver pride and peace of mind to the impact investors who support our growth and share our rewards.

Investment Thesis

Our investment thesis is simple: connect things safely, and good things will happen.

For example, blockchain wasn’t very interesting for business before someone suggested using it to secure contracts. Suddenly smart contracts are all the rage. On an even more basic level, an internal combustion engine isn’t very interesting until it was connected to a wheel.

Millions of new technologies and systems have emerged in the last two centuries, but most people only look at the ones that have already been connected together.

A key to profitability is being in on the ground floor, so we’re getting back to the fundamentals and connecting very powerful things, old and new, which no one has bothered to connect before.

Investment Model

Greyland Holdings offers investment opportunities in individual startup projects, across multiple projects, and in our pure R&D efforts.

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Current Focus Areas

Mixed Reality

Improving The Experience

Beyond Virtual Reality is Augmented Reality, and beyond augmented reality is what’s being called Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is very interesting. How close to a holodeck can we be without transporter technology?

Our Augmented Group is developing a new hybrid platform to improve commercial experience spaces and training simulators by incorporating robotics and cluster computing.

Focus areas of this project include Retail Technology, Machine Vision, Immersive Simulation, Cluster Computing, Social Technology, Robotics, Projection Mapping, and Game Design.

Social Media

Helping You Peacefully Find Your Niche

The Communication Innovations team is looking at ways of fostering progressive dialogue. We see great opportunity in connecting communities based on mutual interests and automating mediation of arguments using machine learning systems to resolve disputes.

The large social media platforms were an interesting experiment, but let’s look back at what worked for online communities before they existed, and update them for the 21st century.


Improving Cryptocurrency Usability

There are so many blockchain startups out there, or rather there were, and most have failed. We are quite cognizant of the issues, and take a more conservative approach than most. You won’t see an ICO from us any time soon.

We and our partners see a vast long term potential, particularly in coupling blockchain with other technologies to reduce inefficiency, increase transparency, and promote democracy.

There are a number of current limitations to the usefulness of this technology which we see going away in the next few years. As the limits roll away, we’ll be looking at new ventures in this area closely.

Materials Science

Fabric Is Foundational

Textiles and new materials represent a fascinating territory for exploration. This area of research likely holds the keys to reversing human-caused environmental damage on a global scale. From smart membranes to mycology, there is so much to come from this realm.

Most of the new materials are not ready for production at scale, but when they are you can be sure we will be investigating and building.

Story Projects From Greyland Fireworks Corporation

It’s All In The Script

The power of communication cannot be overstated. The story is a human invention like no other, and imagination is our greatest natural advantage.

Recent advances in streaming technology and the changing media business landscape have opened opportunities for lower-cost high-quality media projects which flip the risk model.

Greyland Fireworks Corporation’s focus here is on developing, securing, shepherding, and packaging original intellectual property for global licensing and franchising.


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